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 Automotive 360 Degree Universal Camera Kit with and 4-CH DVR Recorder Kit



You can have 360 degree view of the whole car with connecting four pictures from cameras seamlessly!

4 cameras! 


Four 180° wide visual HD cameras around the car to add Front, Rear, Driver's side, and Passenger side views 

to detect the safe distance and eliminate blind zones,

Special 4 channel display function delivers an all round picture of your vehicle on screen

when driving. (To view, simply push the emergency button twice; 

when reversing, the monitor shows the relevant picture automatically.)

Supports cycle recording.

Easily re-watch all records

Convenient for new drivers to avoid scratching the car with a front/rear/left/right picture of the car;

System user can update latest program by usb at any time.



Package Includes:

1. Control box

2. Remote control

3. Four cameras(front/rear/left/right)

4. Four camera extension cables,4-meter left view cable/4-meter right view  cable/4-meter front view cable/6.5-meter rear view cable.

5. The extension cable of remote control signal receiver

6. 1-meter USB extension cable (for connecting USB flash disk to update)

7. One 19.2-mm driller (standard situation)

8. 1.2-meter three PIN power cable (yellow cable connect to car battery, red cable connect to ACC, black cable connect to GND)

9. 2-meter AV output cable

10. Package,Manual, a checkerboard card for adjusting



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ALL makes and models

1, Installation of control box
(1)  The control box can be installed anywhere of the car , but for the consideration of easy
taking the SD card , so we suggest to install it under the car seat or car steering wheel
under the well ventilated closer from the central display position.
(2)  The control box installation position needs to be fixed , in order to prevent the vibration
impact file storage.
2,  Installation of car cameras
(1)  Back camera: Universal reverse camera installed on the back of the car, height from the
ground needs higher than 400mm,better to see the car body on the screen. Keep angle of
30-45degree with the ground.
(2)  Front camera: Universal front camera installed on the back of the car, height from the
ground needs higher than 400mm,better to see the car body on the screen. Keep angle of
30-45degree with the ground. Because the car engine room temperature is very high,
when runing the line , please pay attention away from the car and high temperature parts
in the video camera position insulation cable and power cable and wiring connector part ,
please note waterproof.
(3)  Left camera: The left camera is installed under the left rear view mirror , so need to drill
under the mirror. It needs to be fixed after adjusting the angle of the camera.
(4)  Right camera: The installation way is same with the left camera.
Notice:All the cameras should be installed higher than 400mm from the ground.


wiring method of surround view system



Ask a Question
  • Can the 360 camera kit utilize existing rear view camera?

    the 360 camera kit runs off its own converter box so will not affect rear cam

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