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430 REN & 730N RER RHR Mygig Radio can be repaired with no dealership involvement. DIY car and truck radio repairs can save Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram owners hundreds of dollars. We provide you with the tools and How To to get the job done.

Important Information:

  • Condition: Used
  • Model Number HM031HC-30GB Automotive duty
  • Replace corrupt HDD!
  • Used exclusively with the Uconnect Mygig 430 REN & 730N RER RHR  radio systems only made by Harmon Automotive.
  • Easy to fix-no expertise required. Click the "How To" tab for an easy to follow YouTube video
  • Plug and Play! DIY repair installation
  • Direct OEM replacement part-Please check compatibility in the "Made for" tab before purchasing.

    This part will fix any of the following problems:

    • No Disk space in System Information
    • Navigation: Database not found
    • Gracenote: N/A in System Information
    • Stuck on "Navigation is being Activated"
    • "Serious Error" during Gracenote update 
    •  HDD Music Menu - No music found
    • Music titles listed as "Track 1" etc
    • Music upload and playback problems
    • Emergency-Update crashes 
    • MyGig software update crashes
    • Uconnect or Voice Commands don't work
    • Bluetooth Phone pairing not available
    • System freezes or reboots randomly
    • Intermittent start-up delay or crash
    • Reboot Loop 

      Vehicle and Radio Compatibility:

      Designed for use ONLY with the 730 REN and 730N RER and RHR Uconnect Mygig Radio Systems manufactured by Harman Automotive:

      Found in the following vehicle make/model(s):

      • (2008-2010) Chrysler 300
      • (2008-2009) Chrysler Aspen
      • (2007-2010) Chrysler Sebring
      • (2007-2010) Dodge Avenger
      • (2009-2010) Dodge Caliber
      • (2008-2014) Dodge Challenger
      • (2008-2010) Dodge Charger
      • (2008-2010) Dodge Dakota
      • (2008-2013) Dodge Durango
      • (2008) Dodge Magnum
      • (2008-2010) Jeep Commander
      • (2009-2010) Jeep Compass
      • (2008-2013) Jeep Grand Cherokee
      • (2009-2010) Jeep Patriot
      • (2008-2010) Chrysler Town & Country
      • (2008-2018) Dodge Grand Caravan
      • (2008-2010) Dodge Journey
      • (2007-2010) Dodge Nitro
      • (2009-2013) Dodge Ram 1500
      • (2010-2013) Dodge Ram 2500
      • (2010-2013) Dodge Ram 3500
      • (2008-2010) Jeep Liberty
      • (2007-2017) Jeep Wrangler
      Compatible numbers: P05064820 P68092000 P05091653 P05091209 P05091647 AA AB AC AD AE AF AG AH AI AJ AK AL AMP05064821 P68092001 P05091656 AA AB AC AD AE AF AG AH AI AJ AK AL AMP05064245AA P05064245AD P05064245AE P05064245AF P05064245AG P05064245AH P05064245AI P05064245AJ P05064245AK P05064245AL P05064759AA P05064759AB P05064759AC P05064759ADP05064244AD P05064244AE P05064244AF P05064244AG P05064244AH P05064244AI P05064244AJ P05064244AK P05064758AA P05064758AB P05064758ACP05064480 P05064400 P05064739 P05064818 P05061116P05064114 P05064401  P05064737  P05064816

      Installation Instructions and Video(s):

      • Repair your 430 REN and 730N RER Radio HDD Hard Drive on your own time and at your own pace with our easy to follow radio break down videos on our YouTube channel


      Ask a Question
      • My Jeep Grand Cherokee has an RER hard drive that has failed. Will the REN work since you don’t have any of the RER?

        Unfortunately not. Check

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      730N RER and 430 REN Uconnect Mygig Radio Replacement HDD Hard Drive
      $ 146.00
      All "new parts" are subject to a 14 day return for refund policy (See Warranty Page for details).
      An optional 1 year extended warranty is available for $109.

      Inventory Last Updated: Jan 21, 2021

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