If your factory car radio is broken and you need some new parts then we already have you covered – but what if you need a special tool to make that car radio repair? We have some of the toughest tools that you can get for fixing those car radios and bringing music to your ears again.
We have a car audio video dashboard removal pry kit for sale, a 6”, 7”, 8” or 12” screen protector to buy online, we have a car radio repair screwdriver, screen protectors for the Uconnect 3C and 4C, Phillips head screwdrivers, a mini retractable utility knife, and round nosed pliers for sale online – all of which are destined to make car radio repair or replacement easier.
Browse our selection of repair tools and accessories that WE use everyday! If you are unsure how to fix your radio, check out our Youtube channel where we provide tutorials!