Toyota Tacoma Entune Premium 2.0 Radio Removal and Install

Austin Butler

Today we are in a 2017 Toyota Tacoma. This vehicle is equipped with the Toyota Entune 2.0 premium plus navigation radio. We are going to show you how to remove this radio from your vehicles dash. 

Begin by removing the dash bezel trim that is surrounding the radio. What you want to do is find a good pry point around the edge and gently tug with your fingers or a dash pry tool until you feel and see the dash bezel become loose and unfastened. 

With the dash bezel is removed, put it to the side and continue.

In this vehicle, the radio is held in by four size 10 hex screws. We recommend using a power tool for easiest removal to remove four screws but not mandatory, you can use a manual screw driver. 

With the four screws removed, you will want to place them in a safe location because you will need these to re install the radio.

There are numerous wiring cables connected to the radio so you don't want to tug the radio out. You want to gently pull the radio out of the dash, being careful not to forcefully pull any connected wiring harnesses. Some of them are made to a specific length so they may not have enough slack to remove the radio 100% from dash housing.

What you want to do is remove all the radios wiring harnesses connected to the back of the radio that is coming from the vehicle. Once the wiring harnesses have been removed from the back of the radio, the radio will be free to remove for repair or other testing. 

Now your radio is ready to be installed back into the truck’s dash, start connecting all the wiring harnesses which are color coded and shaped for only one location into the back of radio. Verify that you have re-plugged in all of the harnesses in your dash, you may have one or two that aren’t being used which is ok and may be used for additional add-ons. You want to make sure no cables have fallen back into the hole of your dash.

Once all of the harnesses are plugged back into the radio, you can complete the installation of the radio back into your dash. 

Align the radio with mounting brackets with the screw holes in the dash and reinstall the four size 10 hex screws.

Grab your dash bezel trim and make sure its aligned properly. There are retention clips on the back of the dash trim that insert into corresponding holes in your dash so make sure they are aligned properly.

Pop the dash bezel back into place with your hand. Make sure all those retention clips are retained successfully and your radio installation back into the dash is complete.

Power your truck on and verify your all radio functionality such as rear camera (if installed), Bluetooth, AM/FM radio, Sirius XM (if installed), and GPS navigation.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us!

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