Porsche Taycan Is First Car With Apple CarPlay Built In

Austin Butler

On September 4th Porsche is releasing their fully electric sedan, the Porsche Taycan. Porsche continues to release additional details on its electric sedan with the latest news that the supercar will be the first car to have Apple Music functionality built directly into its infotainment system. 

As well as making the app available in the Taycan, Porsche says you will be able to control Apple Music using its proprietary voice control system, and you will be able to create a custom Apple Music station from any song you hear while listening to broadcast radio. Porsche also plans to produce exclusive playlists which will only be available through Apple Music. You’ll be able to link your Taycan and Apple IDs to remove the need to enter a password or pair your phone.

On top of the integrated service, Porsche has also announced that Taycan owners will enjoy three years of in-car internet completely for free. “None of our customers will have to worry about data consumption while streaming,” reassured Lars Buchwald, director of sales and marketing at Porsche Connect for Porsche AG. A similar offer has been extended to other Porsche owners by the company, providing them with a free six-month subscription to Apple Music — a possible hint that the app’s integration may extend beyond the Taycan to other models in the future.

The CEO of Porsche North America, Klaus Zellmer describes Apple as being a “natural fit” for Porsche, since both companies share very similar ideologies in their focus on design, technology, innovation, and even closed systems.

"Generally speaking, we always want to be in control of that system for privacy reasons," Zellmer said in a statement to TechCrunch. "We don't want our customers to be approached with marketing or advertising messages that are not relevant or adequate. We will always be very cautious about whom we grant access to our digital ecosystem in our cars. Another reason why Apple is our partner is because they have exactly the same attitude." 

Porsche will be one of the few automakers that doesn’t support Android Auto, and it’s similarly choosy about what other apps and services it chooses to put on the screens in its vehicles. This gives the new Apple Music app a unique placement, and while there’s no doubt it will be joined by others in the future, there probably won’t be too many others.

Zellmer also told TechCrunch that over 80 percent of its car’s owners own an iPhone in the US, suggesting that Android support might not be much of a priority. 

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